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Black Flag Search and Rescue
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Giovan Emmanuel Bazan:

Giovan runs an international speaking and consulting firm (giovan focused on recovery based programs in response to early childhood, adolescent and adult trauma. Giovan has valuable training from his time working for the Atlanta Police Department from 2010-2011.


In 2013 he moved to South Carolina where he became a Protective Services officer. His training included Special Weapons and Tactics, Executive Protection, Crowd Control, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, First-Aid, and CPR certification.  


Giovan has proven his value to our team during our work together after Irma, doing disaster relief work all over central and southern Florida.  He is highly adaptable to stressful situations, and works efficiently in a team structure as well as individually.  He is proficient and comfortable in land and water search and rescue and has proficiency in operating water most crafts.  Giovan holds a deep calm during even the most stressful situations and we would not want to operate without him.Thank you!

Payu Harris:

Payu, the co-founder of Black Flag Search and Rescue, is a first responder/trauma tech from the Northern Cheyenne and Lakota tribes and has thousands of hours of boots on the ground experience working with the tribal ambulance service and law enforcement on the Pine Ridge reservation.  


He has numerous critical response missions under his belt, including five hurricanes, three avalanches, and several large scale forest fire suppression missions. He is as proficient in running a chainsaw as he is in diagnosing and repairing communication devices and software issues.  


Payu is a fearless, quiet leader and our continual reminder of the power of complete dedication to assisting all people in whatever way they need, always. He is also rumoured to have quite the brilliance in making bone broth and other Asian comfort foods magically appear out of nowhere!

If you would like to send Payu a supporting gift he has the following available : 
For bitcoin donations: 1LYKiRgPYYg9S3AXmBtuHiLT8EdFq5bhwC 
Square cash: Black Flag Camp


Help needed for relief supplies

Jana Stone, LPCC:

With a master's degree in psychology and specializing in somatically based trauma therapy, Jana is the co-founder of our team. Her many years of swift water and self-rescue experience has emboldened her to be courageous and to run toward, not away, from what might be considered danger.


Her positions as Director of Operations in various large businesses has strengthened her sharp logistical mind which translates well to our work together. She officially started her disaster relief work last year at Standing Rock, staging numerous large supply runs and doing emergency evacuation work both during the blizzards and when it became necessary in the spring.


She then went to Texas to assist with boat rescues after Harvey, and was perhaps the only rescuer doing so by standup paddleboard, a tool which allows her to scout and move into areas difficult to access with larger vessels. She then provided relief efforts with us post-Irma from the panhandle all the way to Key West.


Jana is an experienced and professionally trained Executive Protection Specialist with certificates in offensive driving, defensive pistol, and executive protection services. She is also an experienced certified Advanced Open Water diver and rugged outdoorsperson who has lived in the high mountains of Colorado for the last twenty five years. Jana is trained in CPR and first aid and would make an excellent getaway driver in any action movie. If you would like to send a supportive gift to Jana, simply click on her name above and you can send directly to her via her PayPal. Thank you!

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